Where is the Michelangelo of our time?

Rich artists

I am following artists online who design programs for other artists on how to become wealthy. One is called The Abundant Artist. While I am watching this I think, really? There are many different ways to get attention. You can write, you can scream, you can socialize, you can laugh at everything and you can also say… I can imagine.

I started painting The Dream Weaver in Indianapolis. It was winter and every week I would haul a carload full of wood for my fireplace to keep me warm. I would grill steaks digging a path through the snow to my Weber, sometimes hip-deep. You think -20 is only a number until you have lived it.

Finding my purpose

I was also trying to figure out what the role of an artist was for myself, and in general. It was not only about me. My question was, how can I enrich the world with the richness I feel inside? Does anybody want this beautiful world? I studied great artists from long ago and from today and everywhere I found that they were rich inside, even if financially challenged. Sure, there are some artists who make it big in the world by giving the public whatever they want. Some were great at marketing. Why do you think copying Mickey Mouse paintings sell for millions?

Watching this made my stomach churn. An artist who copies another artist just to make money loses their integrity. Walt Disney invented the strip characters. Greatness does not flourish in copying a master. Greatness flourishes in imagining your own next step. The world needs authentic thinkers. Therefore to follow a person who tells you what steps to follow so you yourself can become rich and famous is ludicrous. It is already done.

Of course there are skills we artists need to learn. Marketing skills, technical skills – we all learn from the ones who were before us. That is a universal law.

The Dream Weaver

The Dream Weaver is about a person weaving the dream of the tropics. I was in the Stutz Building in DownTown Indianapolis on snowy nights with the orange light shining through the ice on the windows. I was painting my dream. Now I live in the subtropics and I love it. This is where I want to be. I don’t really know how I got here. (I think I drove a Penske truck.) But it doesn’t matter as this is how imagination works. You visualize, you paint and the next thing you know you live it. This is how the artists of the Old World painted their vision of an airplane, of a canon, of a ship. They visualized it and then they built it on canvas and paper.

The power of an artist is unbelievable. I teach basic drawing skills only. By learning to draw you tap into the right side of the brain and you stimulate creativity.You don’t have to become an artist. Our society is focused on using the left side of the brain. I don’t believe this linear thinking can solve the problems we face today. The situation in the world is almost unbearable for me to watch. The destruction caused by this kind of thinking is devastating. You don’t need to splash paint around to start thinking from the right side of the brain. Drawing triggers the imagination.That is all and it is powerful.

Where is the Michelangelo of our time? Where is the artist who is strong enough to stand up and create a different reality? It never is about growing polarity in politics. Creating a good life is not about politics. It is about who can create a satisfying reality for the inhabitants of planet Earth. It is the Great Master of our time who is making the path of the independent thinker who takes risks instead of trying to stay safe at a cost to others.

Hundreds of years later the drawing of the Flying Machine was picked up by the Warner Brothers, who were stimulated by the imagination of it.

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