The Wedding

I have been developing a style that I call “the blueprints”. Blueprints are amazing things. A blueprint of a building is  just lines on a piece of paper but the architect who drew them can give them to a contractor who will translate these lines and build a brick and mortar statue of dense vibration.

This piece of paper needs to be interpreted by someone who can visualize the outcome of the lines. The architect and contractor as well as the laborer all need to work at 100% of their capacity to make a stunning building, a building to be remembered.

The soul also has a blueprint. It is designed by the Great Creator and it is ours from birth through all the lives we are living. If you imagine that at birth we become the contractor of our own life with the density of a brick and mortar reality, then you also can imagine what our life is going to look like. Most of us cannot “read” the blueprint at birth. I did not. I only read mine a year or so ago. In my mind I was building a tiny little house, like the one my parents used to live in. That was comfortable. In my mind I wanted to make it fit. I knew I was in trouble because what I thought I should build and the drawing of the blueprint were so far off that I started to ask others how to solve this problem. This is called personal development. I call it Restlessness.

I had the blue print of a castle, with minarets and various ballrooms. No wonder it would not fit on the small piece of property I just “bought.” No wonder that I could not make it fit.

I look at all of this like it is a wedding.  I believe that no matter what the outcome, a wedding is one of the truly memorable events of our lives. The wedding is about your own true love, the one that belongs to you, no matter where you find it. Love is a force of nature. It comes as a hurricane and totally immerses you. No single common sense applies anymore to what you are doing. Everything; time, money, places to be move through your hands like there is no end to it. There is no end to love. No limitations. It moves faster than you can think.

In the painting you can see the movement clearly, but you can also see the stability of the brick and mortar in the background. It is by coincidence that the tower represents the City Hall of Veere, the building I was married in, a long time ago. I couldn’t find another picture that was well designed and old as this one. Now I am looking for original blueprints.  If you have any, please let me know so I can continue with my theme and develop an amazing series of paIMG_6873_300dpiintings.

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