November 30th 2015

Testimonial D.Hahn,

Thinking about a portrait vs. a photo: A photo can be very realistic, sometimes unforgivingly, and a real portrait in any medium can be costly. 

                 I have had several family photo portraits done over the years, we have gravitated to well known portrait photographers, but honestly the occasional “lucky” photo shot is almost as good, even with the retouching and so on.  But a painting is different. 

                Photos have really no value in today’s world. Since every phone has a camera, and selfie sticks are under $5, if you want a photo of yourself you can have hundreds for practically nothing. If you find some you like, just pick out the one you want and print it.  Or pick from a pile. Take a look at Facebook. Everyone has photos, they have become a cheap visual diary.  

               A portrait though, in my mind, has value, it can be/should be an heirloom and passed from generation to generation.  I have a portrait gallery in my home, portraits of my grandfathers, one grand mother and even great grand mother. I have photos of my parents, and of course my living family, but at some point, portraits are my choice of heirloom images. I am hoping to make (paint) a portrait of my father (who died in 1975) in your class from photos I have of him. If it comes out, then maybe my mother whom I lost only several years ago at age 92.

               Do I see the “big picture”?  I get the concept. But it’s a huge idea and I think you will need more than the 120+ images you mentioned.

December 1 2015

Testimonial G. Leadbetter

In this modern era a portrait is so unique, as everybody has photographs.  A well done portrait has character and conveys a message, which no photograph could ever do.  The message that you perceive  may not be real, but that only adds to the enjoyment.

    The uniqueness of  a portrait creates interest together with the desire to have one.nA well done portrait is an excellent heirloom to be enjoyed by all members of the family.I don’t believe a single portrait will add to community cohesion, unless the subject is well known and admired in the community. On the other hand a piece of art featuring many members of the community will definitely add to community cohesion. Everybody in the art work will be proud to have had the opportunity to participate.

December 5 2015

Testimonial M. Leadbetter 

The painting is an expression of the painter’s insight into the person.  It conveys a deeper meaning than a photograph. A photograph is accurate depiction of the person, but not as flattering.Painted portraits are usually done of well to do people and folks with an artistic bent.  Having your portrait done is normal for famous people. For many of us, it was not even a consideration. I like having the paintings in our great room. It makes the room look richer.


The value is to the person and his or her partner.  Others may see a work of art and enjoy paintings. I do.  Art enriches peoples lives and bring pleasure. I understand The Bigger picture but don’t know.

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