It is never to late to find your destination and go after it.
36″ x 48″- 91 x 122 cm, oil paint on linen.It is never to late to find your destination and go after it.
Hop on board

Thank you for your interest in my journey towards becoming an excellent Marine painter. This opportunity to participate in a Marine Art Conference in Williamsburg September 8-11th 2016 is a unique way for you to have a peak into this world. Not only will the world’s best marine painters meet, speak and give workshops emphasizing the importance of their work, I will comment on the value I see in it. The world of sailing has been of high historic value for humans. Its symbolism and the language is part of daily reflections upon life’s challenges.I met world renowned CW Mundy in Indianapolis where we had a studio on the same floor of an old car factory (The Stutz). He inspired me with his magnificent moody paintings of a fisherman, to engage in nautical subjects.

Come with me

I want to be inspired by the masters and learn from them. On my way back I plan to paint nautical scenes along the coast and practice what I have learned. The cost of such an endeavor would be approximately $5000.I am not suggesting you donate this amount but I am asking to share the costs with other people so I can make this leap forward.

For a contribution of $500 or more I am offering you an original oil painting of your choice. There will be an exhibition of my work to which you will be invited. You can follow me on Facebook and through my blogs. It is as if you are traveling with me. If you have the time you can travel with me for real. For everyone there will be a magazine featuring this beautiful endeavor sent to your home. In case I am not traveling at all, you will either get your money back, or you have your choice of artwork already in my possession)

Go to shop, you can pay by credit card or even better,  send me a check to 1750 Gale Street, Englewood, FL 34223, USA