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The right brain is activated
Everybody who has hand-eye coordination can learn how to draw and trigger their imagination.

Intro of the magazine.

I know what you’re thinking. A magazine about art? How can art or any artistic endeavor be a money maker? Art can only serve as an investment when it is proven over a long period of time. Only when artists can be seen in the light of his/her contemporaries are you able to make money by making art.

Even then this is a risky investment. The article about Rembrandt does not show you any evidence to the contrary. Rembrandt died poor and who wants to be poor? No, it is better to steer clear of artistic endeavors and stay on the safe side of life. Just keep counting your money and gradually implement your wealth in the tried and tested ways. I certainly don’t agree!

In the magazine it says,

Art is seen to be connected to insecurity and poverty. That’s what your gut feeling is telling you. You have been wasting your time even thinking about the subject.

Let’s look at this belief system a little bit closer. To be a professional artist many people have indeed chosen to work solely from the right brain functions and were not interested in financial security. Their left brain was not working to its potential. But yours is. No danger there. If they would have added just a little more reason and some methodical accountability, the artists of the past would have been able to thrive, even better than you are now. It is all about balance. A magazine is a platform of some sorts in which people can react.

When you are entering the field of insecurity you also enter the field of innovation and with new innovations comes success. This success has its seed in the right brain creative thinking skills. Just because you were the first to think of something new means your idea has potential. 

If you come up with an authentic idea to improve the suffering of mankind then you are able to make more money in one hour than most people make in a lifetime. That is why it’s important to practice and strengthen your creative ability. You know this is true. This is what I want you to achieve.

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