Online Drawing Class Level One


Six weeks of guided steps into learning to draw.


Learning to draw activates creative thinking.

Here are 3 good reasons why it is valuable to learn to draw.

1) Activate the creative thinking skills.With hard work and intelligence you can go from A to B. With the imagination you can go anywhere.

2) You can never unlearn this skill.

3) With one brilliant idea you can create millions of dollars.

Course Description

1) Contour drawing/line

Learning to draw something by letting your eyes really connect with the subject and allowing your hand to follow instructions without looking at your paper. This powerful exercise will enable you to eliminate your belief system about your perception of art.

2)   Mirror Image

Drawing something that has an ambiguous feeling to it so that your mind gets confused is at the center of this exercise. It is not the image in your mind that you need to be able to draw but what your eyes and your hands tell you. When the mind already has a preconceived idea of how things should look the result will be disappointing.

3)  Copying/change dimensions

Copying something complicated creates trust in your abilities to see accurately and re-create a recognizable picture on paper. You will be surprised at how good you actually are at drawing.

4)  Systematic work / draw a hand

When you systematically follow the steps in this course you will have no problem with finding a way to transform an image from three dimensional reality to your two dimensional piece of paper. After having taken all the previous steps you are now ready to accurately draw your own hand.

5)   Copy reality / draw an object

This new skill might surprise you and it also might feel like a little trick that is not quite real. Please remember, with the intellectual knowledge you now have, you can basically draw anything you want. Pick an object of your liking, hold it in your hand and copy what you see. Practice will do the rest.

6)  Hatching and cross hatching

From the two-dimensional line drawing we create depth with shading so it has a feeling of a three dimensional reality. All these steps conclude the series and you are equipped with the basic tools to make any drawing you want.


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