Full Moon Rising/sold


The theme of this series is Be Rich. I don’t refer to rich as monetary wealth since a stack op paper gathering dust in a dark place is not inspiring to me. We all need financial security, but in the abstract, finances in itself are boring. What is interesting to me is the richness nature brings, a late glow of the sun on a dead leaf: the moving of the moon through a stark blue sky. I believe I am not alone in my love for shapes, forms, colors and textures of this earth we call home.

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This large oil painting is inspired by the book “A land remembered” by Patrick D. Smith. Miccosukee Indians of South Florida

54″x 92″, oil on linen with 22krt Gold leaf.This large oil painting is inspired by the book “A land Remembered” by Patrick D. Smith. Miccosukee Indians of South Florida.This painting is sold

The Moon.

I am passionate about the natural world, the sun and the moon. It pains me to see humans destroying natural habitat for monetary gain. I am not a treehugger, I am a landscape painter. I am not against making money. Once you have been painting in nature, your senses are tuned in to a much bigger world than your bank account only. The right brain is visual and loves beauty. It is connected to the living world. It is connected to the Universe and its laws. The Moon represents the planets and eternal life. It is fully aware of reality. To see ugly buildings and butchered trees hanging lifeless against electricity poles is painful. There is no need for it either.

People who engage in this kind of destruction are not aware of their environment.The left brain has been valued over the right, but it should be the other way around. Our imagination, intuition and will power are the creative forces that make us unique as human beings. Creative thinking should be our main focus and yet, it is not. The left brain is operating in a very fragmented way. Iain Mc Gilchrist has great Tedtalks about the subject.  He says;”It is narrow focussed on concrete life-less material”

We were born with the two faculties in tact. The world is awakening to the fact that we need to use a different brain power than the last few hundred years. To bring awareness of all human beings in tune with the natural world while not loosing our advanced technology, has become my mission. I truly believe we are on the verge of some extra-ordinary life once we learn how to work with nature and not against it. You can learn more about this on the students page.


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