Drawing class level Three


Level one course is a great introduction into the world of drawing.  Learn at a great pace with comfort.



Course Description

 1) Look at the world from a window.

Go sit somewhere in your house on a comfortable chair and draw the window, but also whatever is out there.Use the confined shape of your window to find the negative shapes. If you don’t like what you see, or it is too complicated, just move to another window. Just like with drawing the interior, measure various distances, close by or far away.

 2) Thumbnails

Always use the basic drawing skills when you start. Know where the light is coming from. Squint to see big blotches of grey matter and know which number it is on the grey scale. Always find a basic unit and scan the horizon for negative shapes. Find the abstract unknown shapes instead of the things that are already named. Make ten small rectangles and walk around the block of your house with the viewfinder. For outside drawing you need a folding chair without arm rests and a sketch book so that the paper will not blow away. The idea is to do it fast.

 3)  Composition

In a composition we try to find the balance between dark and light, near and far and a focal point that leads the eye to something. Perspective is a matter of choosing the right angle and finding the correct negative shape. Landscapes often have paths, winding paths and something close-up. When you put something recognizable in the foreground you add a scale to the entire image. That in turn gives tremendous depth. Make three small drawings of the same subject and angle with variations in negative shapes.

 4)  Draw a tree

Focus on a tree you like and study its trunk, its leaves and branches separately. Not knowing how to draw tree very often is because we think we know what the tree looks like, but in all honesty, trees are complicated by lack of straight lines. It is more important than anywhere else that you focus on negative shapes and build the tree from relationships from the basic unit. Go close, go far away. Study.

 5)  Draw a tree next to a house

Block in the tree, get the proportions of both in order, find a path, a driveway with something in the foreground. It could be a leaf, a bicycle laying on the sidewalk, or a person.

 6)  make a drawing

Pick an exclusive view of some architecture and some nature in the neighborhood from the thumbnail sketches you have already made, or make new ones. Use the hatching and crosshatching to give value to your drawing.


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