An Apple a day


Do you realize how important it is to calm your nerves to stay mentally healthy. Draw an apple a day to keep the shrink away. Only one apple, one step at a time. Native Americans had to be alert to the sights and sounds of their environment in order to survive. So do we today, but for a different reason. Not because of physical dangers but because of the danger of nervous disorders that come from confused thinking. Failure to live creatively and spontaneously is the biggest problem of our time. To respond appropriately to the environment with all the unknown challenges today is easy when you learn to draw. One Apple a day will keep you sane. You don’t need expensive materials, just paper and some pencils.










On 8 am Eastern Time I will send you a link for a short video with instructions for the day. All different factors that will make a good drawing will be discussed. Every day a different challenge. On Wednesdays I open the microphone  to listen to your challenges and celebrate your victories in a zoommeeting. ( no more than six people)


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