6 weeks coaching to financial freedom


In the six weeks that we will be together at $297 a month you will get a clear picture of what your priorities are and how to make money with your talents, start saving money for your long term goals and how to get rid of the debt, if you have any. To understand your options is the first step in building wealth.



I am teaching (women) artists how money works and help them thrive in their vocation.

To build a financial foundation that is solid everybody needs to understand the basics of money management. Three issues are important; reduce the debt, make more money, save money. It is important to have an idea what you want in life because everybody is different.

To find your financial optimization the first conversation is about where you currently are in life, career wise and financially. Once we have identified your goals we can attract experts to your liking like an accountant, lawyer and insurance agent and start to maximize your earnings and diminish your losses.

Jacobina Trump

786 457 1606

My Why

Having lived most of my life with little money I discovered the best ways to live: inexpensive and excellent at the same time. I love the good life, meaning I enjoy the best there is out there in clothing and food, living and traveling. The best does not always have to be the most expensive. When you learn to get high value for your buck, there is room to save money. With this money you can build security. My why is (selfish-) to become rich and my second why is (idealistic-) to bring as many people with me building the same kind of wealth.


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