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Art critics are bored with landscapes and portraits. Here are some comments.

Michael Archer,
“Why does mention of portraiture make me snort with derision? For the sitter, to have one’s portrait painted is to indulge in a preposterous bit of self aggrandizement, while to be a jobbing portrait painter is to exercise the lucrative employment of one’s skills in a manner that has nothing to do with contemporary art…………The figure in history is what matters. As with landscape, portraiture becomes pertinent when it breaks out of its straightjacket and offers something more than a tastefully composed and skillfully executed representation of someone”

There you have it, another miserable critic who likes Mickey Mouse better than classical portraiture. However several things can lead to a portrait becoming an important piece of art.
a) The painter becomes famous,
b) The subject becomes famous or
c) The portrait is placed in a bigger context as the one I have shown below.

The portrait had become a pixel in another picture. Bonded by fate we all have our part in the bigger picture.
Each portrait (16×16 inches) becomes a pixel in another picture. Bonded by fate we all have our part in the bigger picture. Individually we are one drop, together, we make an ocean.

I came up with portraiture as a way to know the people around me better than I would by having small talk over a glass of wine. I feel it is the most sincere way I can bond with people. A painted portrait of a person adds additional value to a moment in time because it is seen through the eyes of an artist. I am not only looking at your features but at the many colors of the life you have lived, the sorrow as well as the joy. This third dimension is only possible through the use of paint. It might not be as accurate, but it has a lot more life than a photograph. My goal is to let your soul shine through the (marked) surface.

These days it is hardly ever done, but there was a time when wealthy people have had their portraits painted by famous artists. Now it is seen as a self-aggrandizing attempt to immortalize a human being. I however, find it rewarding to bring the people I know together, into a bigger picture. What you have in common is that I know you.

Do you ever feel that your life has passed you by without you ever having been part of something bigger? This can be a depressing thought. Just being a grain of sand in the desert is not how we like to think about ourselves. On the other hand, most of us can not envision our image captured on canvas, wearing exquisite clothes, staring out from a museum wall.

My idea of painting the portraits and then putting them in a larger piece of art was to uplift each of us to something that matters to society as a whole, maybe even to mankind. Together we have more value. Think about the possibility that the artist Jacobina Trump will be famous one day, You added to that fame. Imagine that you yourself will be famous one day. You now have added value to all the others who share space with you in the Bigger Picture.

Each portrait will be numbered, documented and will go into history like a brick in a wall of a great building. Why not be a part of it?

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