Gallery of the Sea

Saturated, a painting

This particular sunset brings peace and quiet, after all, it was a beautiful day. The colors are rich and saturated. Mornings normally are filled with hope and expectations about the new day. Working hard to bring accomplishments into our life it is like setting all our sails to achieve maximum performance. When we succeed the day feels satisfying and leisurely the sun sinks into the ocean of possibilities.
29" x 29"- 60 x 60 cm, oil on linen.


16" x 16"- 41 x 41 cm, oil on linen.

Move onto your dream

It is never to late to find your destination and go after it.
36" x 48"- 91 x 122 cm, oil paint on linen.It is never to late to find your destination and go after it.

Elegance, freedom and romance are combined in marine life.

 It took me five years to get rid of the darkness, which I called negativity.(Disease, jealousy, impatience, drama, anger, hatred and manipulation) I told the story of my life through the journeys of various sailboats. Starting out with a dark backdrop five years ago, the sky was getting lighter. I was feeling lighter every year. I never thought it would take so long. I never thought that my inner darkness was not only built up from my own life but from many lives before and also from a dark past of my culture. I dealt with pain and sorrow of my dying mother alone in my studio, one brushstroke at a time. I could not mend her broken dreams, nor my own.  Even the ones I cherished so long and I carried like a dead baby, I eventually had to let go of. But I can create new ones as long as I live. I am building new dreams. Through spiritual practice, personal development, and finally meeting Bob Proctor I learned what it truly means to reach my potential. I don’t know what it is yet, but the fog is clearing and the path is becoming clearer.

I already have seen the next series of paintings and I am looking forward to materialize them in this world so you can see them too.

Most of the works are for sale. Some of them you can purchase directly from me by going to cart, some of them are on and some are for sale on Handmade on Amazon. Some are framed in a golden or black frame, some i will send to you rolled up in a tube which means you have to go to your local frame store and ask if they can make it ready to hang on your wall. The price reflects it. A commission of your own boat in a nature setting of your choice is possible and I love to nurture your dream with a beautiful piece of art.