Blank Canvas.

When it comes to your life, goals and dreams, you are the artist and this is your masterpiece.

You see, we all have the divine privilege of being able to start with a blank canvas at any given moment. We ALWAYS have all the resources and opportunities we need right at our fingertips.

Great words don’t you think?  My coach Bob Proctor tells me it is easy to wipe your life clean and start out fresh. It does not get any easier than this right? Just let your imagination flow wherever it wants to and voila, there is your hidden dream, right there on the canvas. I can tell you from experience that there is nothing more frightening than a blank canvas.

My mother used to say, “Child, just follow your heart and it will all be ok.” She meant well and I desperately wanted to follow my heart, even as a child. As soon as I listened to my intuition and expressed this honestly, I received a mental spanking. So where does this leave me? Today I am getting my intuition back, but blank canvasses scare me more than anything.

Before I left Holland to travel to the Caribbean, I knew I wanted to be an artist and I bought the linen and paint. But then, the blank canvas stared at me for months. A blank canvas tells me I can make mistakes and there is no promise of Happy Ever After. What am I going to do when I don’t like what I see? That is why it has to be embraced as a process.

When I started painting seriously, I wanted to discover what in life I liked. I was curious how I would express this. I painted sailboats, dark sailboats and light sailboats. My boats got lighter and more luxurious every time. My stories were told through the sea and sailboats. I don’t think there were many people understanding what I was doing. So I was about to starve, but I was strongly visualizing my dream. The boat I wanted to own was staring me in the face, day in day out. There is symbolism in the sailor’s world. I saw the meaning of every little thing.

A blank canvas still scares me, sometimes so much that I paint the first strokes blindfolded. This is like catharsis. When I watch my students sit in front of a blank canvas staring in complete anxiety, I tell them to draw circles, scratches, squares… anything until the barrier goes away.

Julia Cameron wrote a book about how to start being an artist. “The Artist’s Way” tells you to write three pages about anything you want. You do this every day until you realize that you can write your dreams down just as easy. After writing about bad hairdos, nasty brothers and the weather, there is room to write about a house with a waterfall in the yard. Nobody is judging or laughing, because nobody reads your journal.  Now you can start imagining that there are no limitations and if you are taking action, one step at a time, you can make this dream a reality, just because you wrote it down. Think about this. It’s very powerful and it will bring somewhere you have never been before. Start with reading and click here to purchase “The Artist’s Way”

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