Drawing helps creating life’s experiences

Drawing helps creating life’s experiences and it is a learnable skill, says Jacobina Trump, a painter who grew up in a small village in the South of the Netherlands surrounded by water, who wants to shock you out of your box.

Night Watch

Jacobina Trump feels mostly that her life itself has become a piece of art, and just like in a drawing, she doesn’t know what will be next.

As long as I keep moving and creating, I can correct mistakes, lighten up dark area’s and erase all that I don’t want. You can do this too. As a master you are able to create life’s experiences the same way”

She knows it’s never too late to change directions or set sail for a new destination and she wants to share that ability with you by teaching you to discover the power of creativity by learning to draw.

Jacobina Trump, financial coach, will give a keynote presentation on the life of Rembrandt van Rijn, a famous Dutch oil painter in the Dutch Golden Age.

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Creativity is a way of thinking. This new way of thinking adds an extra dimension to the typical business person’s focus on solutions through analytical linear thinking—left brain processing. By strengthening the intuitive faculty of the brain—right brain thinking, people are able to improve and expand their businesses in unexpected ways.
This is extremely powerful and ads new depth to daily life.

She’s an experienced oil painter who can teach you step by step in her drawing classes how to find creativity you didn’t know you had and learn to draw along the way. It’s not just a class for artists, its a class for those interested in learning how to be more creative.