The right brain is activated

Everybody who has hand-eye coordination can learn how to draw.

What the world is missing today is imagination!

Learning to draw is not just for artists whose imagination is already triggered. It is for everybody and talent is grossly overrated. Talent overrides perseverance. We work with our left brain all the time. Through its verbal chatter, constantly analyzing and criticizing we are busy with competing and accounting all day long. It is truly exhausting. The right brain needs recognition too. Drawing on the right side of the brain is the solution to higher creativity.

Give yourself a break.

For you as a highly active energetic person, it is probably hard to allow yourself to enter a state of mindfulness and relax your way of thinking. It is actually your left brain which is overactive and needs a rest and you need to learn how to do this. Meditating could be counterproductive. I can give you some help with this.

I am an artist. I know precisely how to create a painting that pleases me and how to reveal it to the real world. I am able to use both the left and the right brain at will.

What the world is missing today is imagination. What you are missing out on is access to your creative thinking. It is not about the end product. The world doesn’t need more works of art. It is about the process of activating your intuition through mindfulness.

You need to let your imagination rise above all of the practical problems you want to solve.

What I am actually telling you is to learn to daydream. The reason why so many people never achieve what they really want to achieve is due to a lack of realistic images. They are unable to envision their true dream.

You might think, “I am not an artist, I cannot even draw stick figures”. Rubbish! Maybe you stopped drawing at the age of ten when you became aware that the picture in your head did not match the drawing you made? Until that time you were quite happy creating your world out of stick figures. Then all of a sudden you realized you needed to develop some skills and help in learning how to make the drawing that you wanted to make.

There was nobody around to tell you how to acquire those skills and nobody even mentioned the fact that this was important. So you just stopped drawing. Your resistance to taking up drawing once again is because you think that your skills and drawings are still childish. Get past this thought. You can learn to draw and I will teach you how to. Money back guaranteed if this turns out not to be true!

Many years ago I started teaching using the book The right side of the brain as my guide. I learnt that there is a method you can use so that you can enter a world where time stands still.

This is your own inner world. This is where your intuition lives alongside your creative thinking and your mindfulness.

Remember, the goal is not to become an artist, nor have your drawings shown in a gallery. This is not a competitive act to prove to the world that you are better than your neighbor. This is just for you. It is your world. It is unique. By doing this you remove yourself from the analytical battle of solving problems. I can assure you that you will then start looking at your problems in a different light.

Anybody who has ever been really successful knows how to use creativity to reach their ultimate potential.

Let me help you, sign up for my on-line course now.

Every Saturday at noon Eastern time I will send out a new video with meticulous steps for you to follow for nine weeks.

The costs are $679 and I promise you, this is a life changing decision you are making. This is my promise to you. Your life will be richer and your decisions more efficient.

Get yourself ready, buy a beautiful leather-bound sketchbook and carry it around with you wherever you go. You can then instantly create your own little world at the airport, on the plane, in waiting rooms but also in parks and anywhere that gives you time to be on your own for a while. Trust in your ability to dream.