The power of the imagination

I paint my dream and my dream becomes reality. Dreamweaver is dreaming about a life in the tropics while the snow was piling up in my window sill. Same author of www.karmarepairclub.com

I remember staring out the window of school when I was six and imagining a different reality than sitting still on the wooden classroom bench. On the one hand I could hear the teacher talk about math and listened carefully to his tone of voice. I knew exactly when he was going to finish a sentence. At the end he might ask me something, I knew the rhythm of his speeches. I daydreamed and watched the garden, drenched in sunlight.

Dreaming of the tropics while the snow was piling up.

48″ x36″ oil on linen, gallery wrap. Dreaming of the tropics while the snow was piling up.

Heightened Alert

When he turned his back to write something on the blackboard, I would study the colorful flowers outside in the headmaster’s yard. I saw how the bees got in and out with frantic energy and I felt slightly jealous of their freedom. I wanted to be busy, working with my hands, running around at high speed and having all sorts of colors around me.

I got caught daydreaming many times but if my teachers would have been any good in guiding me to the right place in life, they would have listened to my daydreams. Instead I was punished. I had to write the same lines over a hundred times, dipping my pen into blue ink. If I dropped ink on the page I had to start all over again. I did drop the ink and staring at the round puddle I saw the night sky, dark and mysterious. I imagined stars…but I was rudely awakened by my teacher yelling that I was a mess maker and needed to go to the headmaster to remove the ink.

Imagination is powerful

My vivid imagination shriveled over the years and all I was left with was low self esteem and a good-for-nothing attitude. I tried hard to fit into a reality that I did not  like because everybody else seemed to think this was the norm and I was in need of approval.

Funny, I am 60-years-old now and I think back to a time when I was a young girl. My spirit has not changed. I am the same “mess maker” in my studio and my hands are busy with all sorts of colors. I have become the bee on that sunny morning, surrounded by flowers. But it has not always been that way.

29x29 inches, oil on linen

29×29 inches, oil on linen

In fact, I have been lost for a long time, trying to follow somebody else’s path, trying to do what was right in society, trying to think about saving money for a retirement home instead of living the life I wanted. Somehow there was a voice screaming inside of me that I was born to be happy and that I needed to find out where the key was.

When I heard my coach today talking about imagination I knew that he was the teacher that I wanted as a six-year-old. I knew I finally was on the right path in using my imagination to create a life filled with colors.

Art and power

As an artist, I can create whatever I want. I can see it in my imagination, paint it on canvas and look at it as long as I need to to make it my own. Eventually I know it will become my reality.

How powerful is the imagination of an artist?

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Wild Thing 1

18x14 inches, 45x35 cm, oil on board

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About the artist

About Jacobina Trump

Dutch born artist Jacobina Trump studied five years at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, Holland. After getting a Bachelor’s Degree she became a teacher at the same institution. She earned an MFA after two years of teaching. Her professional path after that went from stage set designer through photographer, art director to decorative painter. In 2006, Jacobina proudly became a U.S. citizen and moved to Indianapolis.

Today she lives in Englewood, Florida and has developed her own style of painting in three subject matters.

Her interest in spiritual healing was triggered by an unfortunate event as you can read on her website www.karmarepairclub.com and how she became a healer herself using the Akashic Records as a source of information in www.abundancemoney.com

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It is the richness of nature that enhances our lives
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